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Need to Remove the Old Finish Off Your Hardwood Flooring?

What Exactly Does a Floor Sander Do?

If you are contemplating refinishing your hardwood floor, you will need to hire a floor sander to do the job for you. Continuing reading on to find out what they are used for and why you will need one?


This is a tool that is used on wood flooring to remove scuffs and bumps, old refinishing, and to level out the surface. A sander will remove a thin layer of the floor to reveal the wood underneath it. These tools are available in different types, which are either electric or manual.


The largest types are drum and vibrating sanders. The former is designed for heavy-duty usages and is capable of removing deep cracks, craters, and stains. It can also remove several inches of wood in very little time; however, we at Sabourins Flooring do not advise using this machine on thin wooden boards. The vibrating sander is very similar in size; however, it can be used on less in-depth work.


The drum sander is too heavy for most people to lift by themselves, and the vibrating sander is the better option. Both come with dust bags, which help to keep the mess of sawdust down to a bare minimum. These machines have large pieces of sandpaper attached to their bases.


Once users have finished working with the large sander, they will usually use a mid-size electric sander. The most common is an orbital floor sander. This gets its name because, instead of using sheets of sandpaper, it uses round disks. As the machine rotates these, it works similar to a floor polisher, buffing away the paper-thin top layer of wood. This kind of sander can be found at most hardware stores.


The edge electric sander is the last to be used on areas that cannot be sanded with either of the above sanders. For example, sanding wood which abuts walls or in tight spaces. It rotates discs, very much like an orbital floor sander, but has the hardiness of either the drum and vibrating sanders.


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