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Trying Your Hand at Installing Hardwood?

Tips for Hardwood Flooring Installation

If you have decided to save money and perform your own hardwood flooring installation, then you better read this post before you start.


When it comes to installing hardwood flooring, you will need a few pieces of specialized equipment and a great deal of patience. Hardwood flooring can make a beautiful addition to most homes and is easy to keep clean, making it an excellent choice for people that suffer from allergies.


Before you start, you must make sure that your subfloor is completely level when this is not the case, and you install your hardwood over it, then you will start to notice gaps and buckling in the next few years. Also, installing padding under your hardwood floor is important, too; this can either be rosin paper or roofing felt.


Unless you already possess a pneumatic hammer, then you will have to hire one. These use air pressure and will stop your arm from becoming too fatigued when hammering in the boards. These hammers are specifically designed to lay hardwood floors, as they can drive the nails in at angles.


Once you have nailed in your first row of hardwood, the second row is where you may hit a few problems. Make sure that the edges of the boards in your new row never ends within six inches of the edge of the board in the previous row. When you start the third row, you will need to keep a close eye out for any “H” joints. These are made when you have two boards that end at the same spot, with one row in between which ends in the middle of these boards, thus creating an “H” pattern.


If all the above sound too complicated or too time consuming, then call Sabourins Flooring today at (413) 240-4308 and let us give you the Chicopee, MA hardwood flooring installation that you have always dreamed of.

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